Airsep Newlife 8L and 10L Compressor Repair Kit


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Used in Airsep Intensity 10L Concentrators

Complete Top End Rebuild Kit for the Airsep CO443-8 Compressor

Kit Contents

  • 2 - Piston Cups - 0.050" Thick Tapered Piston Cup
  • 2 - Head Gaskets
  • 2 - Cylinder Sleeve O-Rings
  • 4 - Flapper Valves
  • 2 - Cylinder Sleeves

How do I find the stroke of my compressor?

Look at the model number on the side of the compressor.  All Airsep compressors have the series model number followed a stroke identifier.  Example: CO443-7 is a CO443 series with a -7 size stroke.

Some Airsep Intensity concentrators used the Thomas 2660 Compressor.  You can find a repair kit for those: Thomas 2660 Repair Kit

For the 220V Airsep Intensity Concentrators with a CO443-7 compressor, you can find a kit for those here: Airsep Intensity Concentrator with C0443-7 Compressor

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